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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                           121
The king did not expect much from talking seriously to Dick. However, he began by asking questions about the day's sport, which Ricardo answered with modesty. Then his Majesty observed that, from all he had ever read or heard, he believed Ethiopia, where the fight was, to be In Africa, not in Asia.
" I really wish, Ricardo, that you would attend to your geography a little more. It is most necessary to a soldier that he should know where his enemy is, and if he has to fight the Dutch, for instance, not to start with his army for Central Asia."
" I could always spot them through the magic glass, father," said Dick; "it saves such a lot of trouble. I hate geography."
" But the glass might be lost or broken, or the Fairies might take it away, and then where are you ? "
"Oh,you would know where to go, or Mr. Belsham."
Now Mr. Belsham was his tutor, from Oxford.
" But I shall not always be here, and when I die------"
" Don't talkof dying, sire," said Dick. "Why, you are not so very old ; you may live for years yet. Besides, I can't stand the notion. You must live for ever ! "
" That sentiment is unusual in a Crown Prince," thought the king; but he was pleased for all that.
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