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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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122                        PRINCE RICARDO.
" Well, to oblige you, I '11 try to struggle against old age," he said ; " but there are always accidents. Now, Dick, like a good fellow, and to please me, work hard all to-morrow till the afternoon. I'll come in and help you. And there's always a splendid evening rise of trout in the lake just now, so you can have your play after your work. You '11 enjoy it more, and I daresay you are tired after a long day with the big game. It used to tire me, I remember."
" I am rather tired," said Dick ; and indeed he looked a little pale, for a day in the inside of a gigantic sea-monster is fatiguing, from the heat and want of fresh air which are usually found in such places. "I think I'll turn in; good­night, my dear old governor," he said, in an affectionate manner, though he was not usually given to many words.
Then he went and kissed his mother and the Princess Jaqueline, whom he engaged to row him on the lake next evening, while he fished.
" And don't you go muffing them with the landing-net, Jack, as you generally do," said his Royal Highness, as he lit his bedroom candle.
" I wish he would not call me Jack," said the princess to the queen.
"It's better than Lina, my dear," said her Majesty, who in late life had become fond of her little joke ; " that always sounds as if some-
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