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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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a dog or a cat, and go into the room where he is giving his orders. But that is awkward, for when the servants see Rip" (that was the dog) " in two places at once, they begin to think the palace is haunted, and it makes people talk. Be­sides, I know it is wrong to listen to what one is not meant to hear. It is often difficult to be a magician and a good girl. The temptations are so strong, stronger than most people allow for."
So she remained, with the moon shining on her pretty yellow hair and her white dress, wondering what the king intended to do, and whether it was something that Dick would not like.
" How stupid of me," she said at length, " after all the lessons I have had. Why, I can drink the moon /"
Now, this is a way of knowing what anyone else is thinking of and intends to do, for the moon sees and knows everything. Whether it is quite fair is another matter ; but, at all events, it is not listening. And anyone may see that, if you are a magician, like the Princess Jaqueline, a great many difficult questions as to what is right and wrong at once occur which do not trouble other people. King Prigio's secret, why he sent for the tailor and the other people, was his own secret. The princess decided that she would not find it out by turning herself into Kip or the cat (whose name was Semiramis), and, so far, she was quite right. But she was
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