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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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126                        PRINCE R1CARDO.
steeped in a strange silver light. Now the whole room seemed to sway gently, waving and trembling; and as it trembled it sounded and rang with a low silver music, as if it were rilled with the waves of the sea.
Then the princess took a great silver basin, covered with strange black signs and figures raised in the silver. She poured water into the basin, and as she poured it she sang the magic spell from the Latin book. It was something like this, in English :
" Oh Lady Moon, on the waters riding, On shining waters, in silver sheen, Show me the secret the heart is hiding,
Show me the truth of the thought, oh Queen !
" Oh waters white, where the moon is riding,
That knows what shall be and what has been, Tell me the secret the heart is hiding,
Wash me the truth of it, clear and clean! "
As she sang the water in the silver basin foamed and bubbled, and then fell still again; and the princess knelt in the middle of the room, and the moon and the white light from the mirror of the moon fell in the water.
Then the princess raised the basin, and stooped her mouth to it and drank the water, spilling a few drops, and so she drank the moon and the knowledge of the moon. Then the moon was darkened without a cloud, and there was darkness in the sky for a time, and all the dogs
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