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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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in the world began to howl. When the moon shone again, the princess rose and put out the two white lights, and drew the curtains; and presently she went to bed.
" Now I know all about it," she said. " It is clever; everything the king does is clever, and he is so kind that I daresay he does not mean any harm. But it seems a cruel trick to play on poor Ricardo. However, Jaqueline is on the watch, and I '11 show them a girl can do more than people think,"—as, indeed, she could.
After meditating in this way, the princess fell asleep, and did not waken till her maid came to call her.
"Oh! your Royai Highness, what's this on the floor ?" said the faithful Rosina, as she was arranging the princess's things for her to get up.
" Why, what is it ?" asked the princess.
" Ever so many—four. Ave, six, seven—little shining drops of silver lying on the carpet, as if they had melted and fallen there !"
"They have not hurt the carpet ?" said the princess. " Oh dear! the queen won't be pleased at all. It was a little chemical experi­ment I was trying last night."
But she knew very well that she must have dropped seven drops of the enchanted water.
" No, your Royal Highness, the carpet is not harmed," said Rosina; " only your Royal Highness should do these things in the labora­tory. Her Majesty has often spoke about it."
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