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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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132                        PRINCE RICARDO.
ICK went on with his breakfast. He ate cold pastry, and poached eggs, and ham, and rolls, and raspberry jam, and hot cakes; and he drank two cups of coffee. Mean­while the king had joined the tradesmen who attended by his orders. They were all met in the royal study, where the king made them a most splendid bow, and requested them to be seated. But they declined to sit in his sacred presence, and the king observed that, in that case he must stand up.
" I have invited you here, gentlemen," he said, "on a matter of merely private import­ance, but I must request that you will be entirely silent as to the nature of your duties. It is difficult, I know, not to talk about one's workr but in this instance I am sure vou will oblige me/
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