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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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140                          PRINCE RICA EDO.
his Wishing Cap, and understood all about the i flair. The hatter, in his absence, had tried on the Wishing Cap, and had wished that he him­self and his friends were all at home and back again with their wares at the palace. And what he wished happened, of course, as was natural.
In a moment the king saw how much talk this business would produce in the country, and he decided on the best way to stop it.
Seizing the Wishing Cap, he put it on, wished all the tradesmen, including the shoemaker, back in the town at their shops, and also wished that none of them should remember anything about the whole affair.
In a moment he was alone in the turret-room. As for the shopkeepers, they had a kind of idea that they had dreamed something odd; but, as it went no further, of course they did not talk about it, and nobody was any the wiser.
" Owl that I am !" said King Prigio to him­self. " I might have better wished for a complete set of sham fairy things which would not work. It would have saved a great deal of trouble ; but I am so much out of the habit of using the cap, that I never thought of it. However, what I have got will do very well."
Then, putting on the Cap of Darkness, that nobody mi^ht see him, he carried all the real fairy articles away, except the Seven-league Boots, to his own room, where he locked them up, leaving in their place the sham Wishing
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