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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                        I47
curious ornament which hung from a chain on Rosina's neck. It consisted of seven drops of silver, set like this :
" May I look at it ?" his Majesty asked, and Rosina, all in a flutter, took it off and gave it to him. " H'm ! " said the king. " Very curious and pretty ! May I ask you where you got this, Rosina ? "
Now Rosina generally had her answer ready, and I am very sorry to say that she did not always speak the truth when she could think of anything better. On this occasion she was anxious to think of something better, for fear of getting Jaqueline into a scrape about the chemical experiment in her bedroom. But Rosina was fluttered, as we said, by the royal kindness, and she could think of nothing but to curtsy, and say :
" Please, your Majesty, the princess gave me the drops."
" Very interesting," said the king. " There is a little white moon shining in each of them ! I wonder if they shine in the dark ?"
He opened the door of a cupboard which had no windows, where the housemaid kept her mops and brooms, and shut himself in. Yes, there was
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