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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                        151
explain ; but just think, if some people ceased to believe in Science, what would they have left to believe in ? But you are young, of course, and cannot be expected to think of every­thing."
"I never thought about it at all," wept Jaqueline.
" ' Evil is wrought by want of thought,'' said the king, quoting the poet. " Now run away, dry your tears, and I think you had better bring me that book, and I'll put it back in one of the locked-up shelves. Later, when you are older, we shall see about it."
The princess flew to her room, and returned with her book. And the king kissed her, and told her to go and see if her Majesty meant to take a drive.
"I'll never deceive him again, never . . . unless it is quite necessary," said the princess to herself. " Indeed, it is not so easy to deceive the king. What a lot he has read ! "
In fact, King Prigio had been very studious when a young man, before he came to the throne.
"Poor child!" thought the king. "No doubt she was trying her fortune, wondering if Ricardo cares for her a little. Of course I could not let her tell me that, poor child!"
In this guess, as we know, his Majesty was mistaken, which seldom happened to him.
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