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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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Now Green Stocking was the chief herald of Pantouflia, just like Blue Mantle in England.
"Why, these are the Royal Arms of England, you great ignorant Dick !"
" But Rome isn't in England, is it ?—and the post-mark is 'Roma': that's Rome in some lingo, I expect. It is in Latin, anyhow, I know. Mortuus est Romae — 'He died at Rome.' It's in the Latin Grammar. Let's see what the fellow says, anyhow," added Ricardo, breaking the seal.
" He- begins, 'Prins and dear Cousin!' I say, Jaqueline, he spells it ' Prins;' now it is P-r-i-n-c-e. He must be an ignorant fellow ! "
" People in glass houses should not throw stones, Dick," said Jaqueline.
" He signs himself ' Charles, P. W.,' " said Ricardo, looking at the end. " Who on earth can he be ? Why does he not put ' P. W. Charles,' if these are his initials ? Look here, it's rather a long letter; you might read it ta us, Jack!"
The princess took the epistle and began:
" How nice it smells, all scented ! The paper is gilt-edged, too."
"Luxurious beggar, whoever he is," said Ricardo.
" Well, he says: ' Prins and dear Cousin,— You and me ' (oh, what grammar!) ' are much the same age, I being fifteen next birthday, and we should be better ackwaintcd. All the wurld
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