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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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156                       PRINCE RICARDO.
has herd of the fame of Prins Ricardo, whose name is feerd, and his sord dreded, wherever there are Monsters and Tirants. Prins, you may be less well informed about my situation. I have not killed any Dragguns, there being nun of them here ; but I have been under fiar, at Gaeta.' Where's Gaeta, Dick ? "
" Never heard of it," said Ricardo.
" Well, it is in Italy, and it was besieged lately. He goes on : ' and I am told that I did not misbehave myself, nor disgrace the bind oj Bruce: "
"I've heard of Robert Bruce," said Dick; " he was the man who did not kill the spider, but he cracked the head of Sir Harry Bohun with one whack of his axe. I remember him well enough."
" Well, your correspondent seems to be a descendant of his."
"That's getting more interesting," said Dick. " I wish my father would go to war with somebody. With the Sword of Sharpness I'd make the enemy whistle ! Drive on, Jack."
"' As a prins in distress, I apeal to your valler, so renouned in Europe. I am kept out of my own ; my royal father, King Gems,' well, this is the worst spelling I ever saw in my life ! He means King James, ' my royal father, King Gems, being druv into exile by a crewl Usurper, the Elector of Hannover. King Gems is old, and likes a quiat life; but I
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