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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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am determined to make an effort, if I go alone, and Europe shall here of Prince Charles. Having heard—as who has not ?—of your royal Highness's courage and sordsmanship, 1" throw myself at your feet, and implore you to asist a prins in distres. Let our sords be drawn together in the caus of freedom and an out­raged country, my own. " ' I remain,
" ' Prins and dear Cuzen,
" ' Charles, P. W.'
" P. W. means Prince of Wales," added Jaqueline. " He is turned out of England, you know, and lives at Rome with his father."
" I like that chap," said Prince Ricardo. "He does not spell very well, as you say, but I sometimes make mistakes myself; and I like his spirit. I've been looking out for an adventure; but the big game is getting shy, and my sword rusts in his scabbard. I'll tell you what, Jack—I 've an idea ! I '11 put him on the throne of his fathers; it's as easy as shelling peas : and as for that other fellow, the Elector, I'll send him back to Hanover, wherever that may be, and he can go on electing, and polling his vote in peace and quietness, at home. Just wait till I spot the places."
The prince ran up to the turret, fetched the magic spy-glass, and looked up London, Rome, and Hanover, as you would in a map.
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