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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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158                        PRINCE RICARDO.
" Well, Dick, but how do you mean to do it?"
" Do it ?—nothing simpler ! I just take my Seven-league Boots, run over to Rome, pick up Prince Charles, put him on the magic carpet, fly to London, clap the Cap of Darkness on him so that nobody can see him, set him down on the throne of his fathers; pick up the Elector, carry him over to his beloved Hanover, and the trick is done — what they call a bloodless revolution in the history books."
" But if the English don't like Prince Charles when they get him ?"
"Like him? they're sure to like him, a young fellow like that! Besides, I '11 take the sword with me in case of accidents."
" But, Dick, it is your father's rule that you are never to meddle in the affairs of other countries, and never to start on an expedition when he is not at home."
"Oh, he won't mind this time! There's no kind of danger; and I 'm sure he will approve of the principle of the thing. Kings must stick up for each other. Why, some electing characters might come here and kick Us out!"
" Your father is not the sort of king who is kicked out," said Jaqueline. ' But there was no use in talking to Dick. He made his simple preparations, and an-
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