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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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splendidly drc ssed in a light-blue silk coat; a delicate little lace scarf was tied round his neck ; he had lace ruffles falling about his little ringed hands; he had a pretty sword, with a gold handle set with diamonds—in fact, he was the picture of a little dandy. The other lad had a broad Scotch bonnet on, and no wig ; beautiful silky yellow locks fell about his shoulders. He had laid his sword on the grass. He was dressed in tartan, which Ricardo had never seen before ; and he wore a kilt, which was also new to Ricardo, who wondered at his bare legs— for he was wearing shoes with no stockings. In his hand he held a curious club, with a long, slim handle, and a head made heavy with lead, and defended with horn. With this he was aiming at a little white ball; and suddenly he swung up the club and sent the ball out o£ sight in the air, over several trees.
Prince Ricardo stepped up to this boy, took off his cap, and said:
" I think I have the honour of addressing the Prince of Wales?"
Prince Charles started at the sight of a gentleman in long riding-boots, girt with a broadsword, which was not then generally worn, and carrying a Persian rug under his arm.
" That is what I am called, sir," he said,. " by those who give me the title which is mine by right. May I inquire the reason
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