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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                        l6r
which offers me the pleasure of this unexpected interview ?"
" Oh, I 'm Ricardo of Pantouflia ! " says Dick. " I had a letter from you this morning, and I believe you wanted to see me."
" From Pantouflia, sir," said Prince Charles ;; " why, that is hundreds of leagues away!"
" It is a good distance," said Dick; " but a mere step when you wear Seven-league Boots,, like mine."
" My dear prince," said Charles, throwing himself into his arms with rapture, and kissing him in the Italian fashion, which Dick did not half like, "you are, indeed, worthy of your reputation ; and these are the celebrated Seven-league Boots ? Harry," he cried to his brother, " come here at once and let me present you to-his Royal Highness, our illustrious ally, Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia. The Duke of York— Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia. Gentlemen, know each other ! "
The prince bowed in the most stately manner.
" I say," said Dick, who was seldom at all up to the standard of royal conversation,, "what's that game you were playing? It's new to me. You sent ihe ball a tremendous long shot."
" The game is called golf, and is the favourite pastime of my loyal Scottish subjects," said Prince Charles. " For that reason, that I may be able to share the amusements of my people,.
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