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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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l6i2                         PRINCE RICARDO.
whom I soon hope to lead to a glorious victory, followed by a peaceful and prosperous reign, I am acquiring a difficult art. I'm practising walking without stockings, too, to harden my feet," he said, in a more familiar tone of voice. 11 I fancy there are plenty of long marches before me, and I would not be a spear's length behind the hardiest Highlander."
" By Jove ! I respect you," said Dick, with the greatest sincerity; " but I don't think, with me on your side, you will need to make many marches. It will all be plain sailing."
" Pray explain your plan," said Prince Charles. "The task of conquering back the throne of my fathers is not so simple as you seem to suppose."
"I've done a good many difficult things," said Dick, modestly.
. " The conqueror of the magician, Gorgon-zola, and the Giant Who never Knew when he had Enough, need not tell me that," said Prince Charles, with a courteous allusion to two of Ricardo's most prodigious adven­tures.
" Oh ! I've very little to be proud of, really," said Dick, blushing; "anyone could do as much with my fairy things, of which, no doubt, you have heard. With a Sword of Sharpness and a Cap of Darkness, and so forth, you have .a great pull over almost anything."
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