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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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"And you really possess those talismans?" said the prince.
" Certainly I do. You see how short a time I took in coming to your call from Pantouflia."
" And has Holy Church," asked the Duke of York, with anxiety, " given her sanction and her blessing to those instruments of an art, usually, in her wisdom, forbidden ? "
"Oh, never mind Holy Church, Harry!" said Prince Charles. " This is business. Besides, the English are Protestants."
" I pray for their conversion daily," said the Duke of York.
" The end justifies the means, you know," answered Prince Charles. "All's fair in love and war."
" I should think so," said Ricardo, "especially against those brutes of Electors; they give trouble at home sometimes."
"You, too, are plagued with an Elector?" asked Prince Charles.
"An Elector ? thousands of them ! " answered Dick, who never could understand anything about politics.
Prince Charles looked puzzled, but requested Dick to explain his great plan.
They sat down on the grass, and Ricardo showed them how he meant to manage it, just as he had told Jaqueline. As he said, nothing could be simpler.
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