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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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164                        PRINCE RICARDO.
" Let's start at once," he said, and, inducing Prince Charles to sit down on the magic carpet, he cried :
"England! St. James's Palace ! "
But nothing happened !
The carpet was not the right magic carpet, but the one which King Prigio had put in its place.
" Get on ! England, I said ! " cried Dick.
But there they remained, under the chestnut tree, sitting on the carpet above the flowery grass.
Prince Charles leaped to his feet; his face like fire, his eyes glowing.
" Enough of this fooling, sir ! " he said. " It is easy, but cowardly, to mock at an unfortunate prince. Take your carpet and be off with you, out of the gardens, or your shoulders shall taste my club."
" There has been some mistake," Ricardo-said; " the wrong carpet has been brought by accident, or the carpet has lost its power."
" In this sacred city, blessed by the presence of his Holiness the Pope, and the relics of so many martyrs and saints, magic may weTJ cease to be potent," said the Duke of York.
"Nonsense! You are an impostor, sir! Leave my presence!" cried Prince Charles, lifting his golf-club.
Dick caught it out of his hand, and broke across his knee as fine a driver as ever came from Robertson's shop at St. Andrew's.
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