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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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"The quarrels of princes are not settled with clubs, sir! Draw and defend yourself!" he said, kicking off his boots and standing in his socks on the grass.
Think of the horror of poor Jaqueline, who witnessed this terrible scene of passion from a fold in Prince Ricardo's dress! What could the girl do to save the life of two princes, the hopes of one nation, and of a respectable minority in another ?
In a moment Prince Charles's rapier was shining in the sunlight, and he fell on guard in the most elegant attitude, his left hand grace­fully raised and curved.
Dick drew his sword, but, as suddenly, threw it down again.
" Hang it! " he exclaimed, " I can't hit you with this ! This is the Sword of Sharpness; it would cut through your steel and your neck at a touch."
He paused, and thought.
" Let me beseech your Royal Highness," he said to the Duke of York, who was in a terrible taking, " to lend your blade to a hand not less-royal than your own."
" Give him it, Hal! " said Prince Charles, who was standing with the point of his sword on the ground, and the blade bent. " He seems to believe in his own nonsense."
The duke yielded his sword ; Dick took it, made a flourish, and rushed at Prince Charles^
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