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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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168                        PRINCE RICARDO.
Prince Charles, as briefly as possible, ex­plained the unusual nature of the circumstances.
" A king must hear both sides," said King James. "What reply have you, sir, to make to his Royal Highness's statements?"
" The carpet would not work, sir," said Dick. " It never happened before. Had I used my own sword," and he explained its properties, "the Prince of Wales would not be alive to tell his story. I can say no more, beyond offering my apology for a disappointment which I could not have foreseen. A gentleman can only say that he is sorry. But wait!" he added ; " I can at least prove that my confi­dence in some of my resources is not misplaced. Bid me bring you something—anything—from the ends of the earth, and it shall be in your hands. I can't say fairer."
King James reflected, while Prince Ricardo was pulling on the Seven-league Boots, which he had kicked off to fight more freely, and while the Duke of York bandaged Dick's hand with a kerchief.
" Bring me," said his Majesty, " Lord Lovat's snuff-mull."
" Where does he live ? " said Dick.
" At Gortuleg, in Scotland," answered King James.
Dick was out of sight before the words were fairly spoken, and in ten minutes was back, bearing a large ram's-horn snuff-box, with a
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