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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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herself, and at last she went up and knocked at Ricardo's door.
" Go away," he said ; " I don't want to see anybody. Who is it ?"
" It's only me—Jaqueline."
u Go away ! I want nobody."
" Do let me in, dear Dick ; I have good new? for you," said the princess.
" What is it ?" said Ricardo, unlocking the door. " Why do you bother a fellow so ?"
He had been crying—his hand obviously hurt him badly; he looked, and indeed he was, very sulky.
" How did you get on in England, Dick?' asked the princess, taking no notice of his bandaged hand.
" Oh, don't ask me !" said Ricardo. " I 've not been to England at all."
" Why, what happened ?"
" Everything that is horrid happened," said Dick ; and then, unable to keep it any longer to himself, he said: "I've failed to keep my promise; I've been insulted, I've been beaten by a fellow younger than myself; and, oh ! how my hand does hurt, and I've got such a head­ache ! And what am I to say to my mother when she asks why my arm is in a sling ? and what will my father say ? I'm quite broken down and desperate. I think I '11 run away to sea;" and indeed he looked very wild and miserable.
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