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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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176                        PRINCE RICARDO
wound had been ! For this was the famous Weapon Salve which you may read about in Sir Kenelm Digby, and which the Lady of Branxholme used, in The Lay of the Last Minstrel. But the secret of making it has long been lost, except in Pantoufiia.
" You are the best girl in the world, Jaque-line," said Ricardo. " You may give me a kiss if you like ; and I won't call you ' Jack,' or laugh at you for reading books, any more. There's something in books after all."
The princess did not take advantage of Dick's permission, but advised him to lie down and try to sleep.
" I say, though," he said, " what about my father?"
" The king need never be told anything about it," said Jaqueline, "need he?"
" Oh, that won't do ! I tell my father every­thing; but then, I never had anything like this to tell him before. Don't you think, Jaqueline, you might break it to him ? He's very fond of you. Just tell him what I told you; it's every word of it true, and he ought to know. He might see something about it in the Mercare de France."
This was the newspaper of the period. " I don't think it will get into the papers," said Jaqueline, smiling. " Nobody could tell, except the king and the princes, and they have reasons for keeping it to themselves."
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