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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICA EDO.                        179
father, that I'll never meddle with politics again, or start on an expedition, without telling you. I have had enough of it. And I '11 turn over a new leaf. I 've learned to be ashamed of my ignorance; and I 've sent for Franca-lanza, and I '11 fence every day, and read like anything."
" Very good," said the king. " I believe you mean what you say. Now go to your fencing lesson."
" But, I say, father," cried Ricardo, " was it not strange about the magic carpet ?"
" I told you not to trust to these things," said the king. " Some enchanter may have deprived it of its power, it may be worn out, someone may have substituted a common Persian rug; anything may happen. You must learn to depend on yourself. Now, be off with you, I 'm busy. And remember, you don't stir without my permission."
The prince ran off, and presently the sounds of stamping feet and "un, deux; doublez, degagez, vite; contre de carte," and so forth, might be heard over a great part of the royal establish-.ment.
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