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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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shabby little miscreant; however, I '11 risk it. And now I must make my preparations."
The king did not ask what they were; as a rule, they were simple. But, being in the shop of the optician that day, standing with his back to the door, he heard Dick come in and order a pair of rose-coloured spectacles, with which he was at once provided. The people of Pan-touflia were accustomed to wear them, saying that they improved the complexions of ladies whom they met, and added cheerfulness to things in general.
"Just plain rose-coloured glass, Herr Spex," said Dick, "I'm not short-sighted."
" The boy is beginning to show some sense," said the king to himself, knowing the nature and the difficulties of the expedition.
Ricardo did not disguise his intention of taking with him a Dandie Dinmont terrier, named Pepper, and the king, who understood the motive of this precaution, silently approved.
" The lad has come to some purpose and forethought," the king said, and he gladly advanced a considerable sum for the purchase of crocodiles' eggs, which can rarely be got quite fresh. When Jaqueline had made the crocodiles' eggs, with millet-seed and sugar-candy, into a cake for the Dwarf's lions, Ricardo announced that his preparations were com­plete.
Not to be the mere slave of custom, he made
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