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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                        185
Yellow. He knew that this showed the neigh­bourhood of Jaunia, or Daunia, the country of the Yellow Dwarf. He therefore drew bridle, placed his rose-coloured spectacles on his nose, and put spurs to his horse, for the yellow light of Jaunia makes people melancholy and cowardly. As he pricked on, his horse stumbled and nearly came on its nose. The prince noticed that a steel chain had been drawn across the road.
"What caitiff has dared!" he exclaimed, when his hat was knocked off by a well-aimed orange from a neighbouring orange-tree, and a vulgar voice squeaked:
"Hi, Blinkers!"
There was the Yellow Dwarf, an odious little figure, sitting sucking an orange in the tree, swinging his wooden shoes, and grinning all over his wrinkled face.
"Well, young Blinkers!" said the Dwarf, " what are you doing on my grounds ? You're a prince, by your look. Yah ! down with kings ! I 'm a man of the people !"
"You're a dwarf of the worst description, that's what you are," said Ricardo ; "and let me catch you, and I'll flog the life out of you with my riding-whip ! "
The very face of the Dwarf, even seen through rose-coloured spectacles, made him nearly ill.
" Yes, when you can catch me," said the Dwarf;
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