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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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"but that's not to-day, nor yet to-morrow. What are you doing1 here? Are you an am­bassador, maybe come to propose a match for me? I'm not proud, I'll hear you. They say there's a rather well-looking wench in your parts, the Princess Jaqueline------"
" Mention that lady'sname, you villain," cried Dick, "and I'll cut down your orange-tree!" and he wished he had brought the Sword of Sharpness, for you cannot prod down a tree with the point of a rapier.
"Fancy her yourself?" said the Dwarf, showing his yellow teeth with a detestable grin ; while Ricardo turned quite white with anger, and not knowing how to deal with this insufferable little monster.
" I 'm a widower, I am," said the Dwarf, "though I'm out of mourning," for he wore a dirty clay-coloured Yellow jacket. " My illus­trious consort, the Princess Frutilla, did not behave very nice, and I had to avenge my honour; in fact, I'm open to any offers, how­ever humble. Going at an alarming sacrifice ! Come to my box" (and he pointed to a filthy clay cottage, all surrounded by thistles, net­tles, and black boggy water), "and I'll talk over your proposals."
" Hold your impudent tongue ! ' said Dick. " The Princess Frutilla was an injured saint; and as for the lady whom I shall not name in your polluting presen
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