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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                        187
I am her knight, and I defy you to deadly combat ! "
We may imagine how glad the princess was when (disguised as a wasp) she heard Dick say he was her knight; not that, in fact, he had thought of it before.
" Oh ! you're for a fight, are you ?" sneered the Dwarf. " I might tell you to hit one of your own weight, but I 'm not afraid of six of you. Yah ! mammy's brat! Look here, young Blinkers, I don't want to hurt you. Just turn old Dobbin's head, and trot back to your mammy, Queen Rosalind, at Pantouflia. Does she know you're out ?"
" I'll be into you, pretty quick," said Ricardo. " But why do I bandy words with a miserable peasant?"
"And don't get much the best of them either," said the Dwarf, provokingly. " But I'll fight, if you will have it."
The prince leaped from his horse, leaving Pepper on the saddle-bow.
No sooner had he touched the ground than the Dwarf shouted :
" Hi ! to him, Billy! to him, Daniel ! at him, good lions, at him ! ': and, with an awful roar, two lions rushed from a neigh­bouring potato-patch and made for Ricardo. These were not ordinary lions, history avers, each having two heads, each being eight feet high, with four rows of teeth ; their
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