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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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190                        PRINCE RICARDO.
coward, and come down off your horse, and fight fair!"
At this moment, bleeding yellow blood, dusty, mad with pain, the dwarf was a sight to strike terror into the boldest.
Dick sprang from his saddle, but so terrific was the appearance of his adversary, and so dazzling was the sheen of the diamond sword, that he put his hand in his pocket, drew out, as he supposed, the sham Cap of Darkness, and placed it on his head.
"Yah! who's your hatter?" screamed the infuriated dwarf. "I see you!" and he dis­engaged, feinted in carte, and made a lunge in seconde at Dick which no mortal blade could have parried. The prince (thanks to his excel­lent training) just succeeded in stepping aside, but the dwarf recovered with astonishing quickness.
"Coward, Iache, poltroon, runaway!" he hissed through his clenched teeth, and was about to make a thrust in tierce which must infallibly have been fatal, when the Princess Jaqueline, in her shape as a wasp, stung him fiercely on the wrist.
With an oath so awful that we dare not set it down, the dwarf dropped the diamond sword, sucked his injured limb, and began hopping about with pain.
In a moment Prince Ricardo's foot was on the blade of the diamond sword, which he
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