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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                        193
A hollow groan and the sound of a heavy body falling interrupted the king. He looked all about the room, but saw nothing. He was alone !
" She must have been in the room, invisible," said the king; and, of course, she has died in that condition. "But I must find her body!"
The king groped about everywhere, like a blind man, and at last discovered the dead body of the wicked fairy lying on the sofa. He could not see it, of course, but he felt it with his hands.
" This is very awkward," he remarked. "I cannot ring for the servants and make them take her away. There is only one plan."
So he wished she were in her family pyramid, in the Egyptian desert, and in a second the sofa was unoccupied.
"A very dangerous and revengeful enemy is-now removed from Ricardo's path in life," said his Majesty, and went to dress for dinner.
Meanwhile Ricardo was riding gaily home. The yellow light of Jaunia had vanished, and pure blue sky broke overhead as soon as the dauntless Dwarf had drawn his latest breath. The poor, trembling people of the country came out of their huts and accompanied Dick, cheering, and throwing roses which had been yellow roses, but blushed red as soon as the Dwarf expired. They attended him to the frontiers of Pantouflia, singing his praises,.
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