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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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HjO                          PRINCE RICARDO.
bein ' handy with the pen, the Giant hopes you wiill excuse mistakes and bad writing."
Dick simply gazed with amazement.
" If ever I thought an enemy was killed and done lor, it was that Giant," said he. " Why, I made mere mince-collops of him !"
However, he could not refuse a challenge, not to speak of his duty to rid the world of so-gre< d\ and odiousatyrant. Dick, therefore, took the usual things (which the king had secretly restored), but first he tried them—putting on the Cap of Darkness before the glass, in which he . uld not see himself. On second thoughts,. he considered it unfair to take the cap. All the other articles were in working order. Jaqueline on this occasion followed him in the disguise of a crow, flying overhead.
On reaching the cavern—a huge tunnel in the rock—where the Giant lived, Ricardo blew a blast on the horn which hung outside, and> in obedience to a written notice, knocked also with a mace provided by the Giant for that purpose. Presently he heard heavy footsteps sounding along the cavern, and the Giant came out. He was above the common height for giants, and his whole face and body were seamed over with little red lines, crossing each other like tartan. These were marks of en­counters, in which he had been cut to bits and come together again; for this was his peculiarity, which made him so dangerous. If you cut off
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