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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                        197
his head, he went on just as before, only without it ; and so about everything else. By dint of magic, he could put his head on again, just as if it had been his hat, if you gave him time enough. On the last occasion of their meeting, Ricardo had left him in a painfully scattered condition, and thought he was done for. But now, except that a bird had flown away with the little finger of his left hand and one of his ears, the Giant was as comfortable as anyone could be in his situation.
" Mornin' sir," he said to Dick, touching his forehead with his hand. " Glad to see you looking so well. No bad feeling, I hope, on either side ?"
" None on mine, certainly," said Ricardo, holding out his hand, which the Giant took and shook ; " but Duty is Duty, and giants must go. The modern world has no room for them."
"That's hearty," said the Giant ; " I like a. fellow of your kind. Now, shall we toss for corners ?"
"All right!" said Dick, calling "Heads," and winning. He took the corner with the sun on his back and in the Giant's face. To it they went, the Giant aiming a blow with his club that would have felled an elephant.
Dick dodged, and cut off the Giant's feet at the ankles.
" First blood for the prince ! " said the Giant, coming up smiling. " Half-minute time !"
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