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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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198                        PRINCE RICARDO.
He occupied the half-minute in placing the feet neatly beside each other, as if they had been a pair of boots.
Round II.—The Giant sparring for wind, Ricardo cuts him in two at the waist.
The Giant folded his legs up neatly, like a pair of trousers, and laid them down on a rock. He had now some difficulty in getting rapidly over the ground, and stood mainly on the defensive, and on his waist.
Round III.—Dick bisects the Giant. Both sides now attack him on either hand, and the feet kick him severely.
"No kicking!" said Dick.
" Nonsense ; all fair in war ! " said the Giant.
But do not let us pursue this sanguinary encounter in all its horrible details.
Let us also remember—otherwise the scene would be too painful for an elegant mind to contemplate with entertainment — that the Giant was in excellent training, and thought no more of a few wounds than you do of a crack on the leg from a cricket-ball. He well deserved the title given him by the Fancy, of "The Giant who does not Know when he has had Enough."
*                 *                 *                 *
The contest was over; Dick was resting on a rock. The lists were strewn with interesting but imperfect fragments of the Giant, when a
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