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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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2 JO                          PRINCE RICA RDO.
could not carry away the other articles. Dick was rescued, that was all, and the Princess Jaqueline had sacrificed herself to her love for him.
The Giant picked himself up and pulled himself together, as we said, and then ap­proached Jaqueline in a very civil way, for a person of his breeding, head in hand.
" Let me introduce myself," he said, and mentioned his name and titles. " May I ask what you are doing here, and how you came ? "
Poor Jaqueline threw herself at his feet, and murmured a short and not very intelligible account of herself.
" I don't understand," said the Giant, re­placing his head on his shoulders. " What to do with you, I'm sure I don't know. 'Please don't eat me,' did you say ? Why, what do you take me for ? I'm not in that line at all; low, / call it!"
Jaqueline was somewhat comforted at these words, dropped out of the Giant's lips from a considerable height.
" But they call you ' The Giant who does not Know when he has had Enough,' " said Jaqueline.
"And proud of the title: not enough of fight­ing. Of punishment I am a glutton, or so my friends are pleased to say. A brace of oxen, a drove of sheep or two, are enough for me," the Giant went on complacently, but forgetting
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