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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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to mention that the sheep and the oxen were the property of other people. " Where am I to put you till your friends come and pay your ransom?" the Giant asked again, and stared at Jaqueline in a perplexed way. " I can't take you home with me, that is out of the question. I have a little woman of my own, and she's not very fond of other ladies; especially, she would like to poison them that have good looks."
Now Jaqueline saw that the Giant, big as he was, courageous too, was afraid of his wife!
"I'll tell you what I'll do; I'll hand you over to a neighbour of mine, who is a bachelor."
"A bachelor giant; would that be quite proper?" said Jaqueline, trying to humour him.
"He's not a giant, bless you ; he's a queer fellow, it is not easy to say what he is. He's the Earthquaker, him as shakes the earth now and then, and brings the houses about people's ears."
Jaqueline fairly screamed at hearing this awful news.
"Hush! be quiet, do!" said the Giant. "You'll bring out my little woman, and she is not easy to satisfy with explanations when she finds me conversing with a lady unbeknown to her. The Earthquaker won't do you any harm ;
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