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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDQ.                       203.
He's quite the dormouse. Turns on his bed now and then, and things upstairs get upset, more or less ; but, as a rule, a child could play with him. Come on ! "
Then, taking Jaqueiine up on one hand, on which she sat as if on a chair, he crossed a few ranges of mountains in as many strides. In front was one tall blue hill, with a flattened peak, and as they drew near the princess felt a curious kind of wind coming round her and round her. You have heard of whirlpools in water ' well, this was just like a whirlpool of air. Even the Giant himself could hardly keep his legs against it; then he tossed Jaqueiine up, and the airy whirlpool seized her and carried her, as if on a tide of water, always round and round in narrowing circles, till she was sucked down into the hollow hill. Even as she went, she seemed to remember the hill, as if she had dreamed about it, and the shape and colour of the country. But presently she sank softly on to a couch, in a beautifully-lighted rocky hall. All around her the floor was of white and red marble, but on one side it seemed to end in black nothing.
Jaqueiine, after a few moments, recovered her senses fully, and changing herself into an eagle, tried to fly up and out. But as soon as she was in the funnel, the whirlpool of air, always sucking down and down, was too strong for her wings. She was a prisoner in this great
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