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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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remember that she was back in her own country. The hills were those she used to see from her father's palace windows when she was a child. And she remembered with horror that once a year her people used to send a beautiful girl to the Earthquaker, byway of keeping him quiet, as you shall hear presently. And now she heard light footsteps and a sound of weep­ing, and lo ! a great troop of pretty girls passed, sweeping in and out of the halls in a kind of procession, and looking unhappy and lost.
Jaqueline ran to them.
" Where am I ? who are you ?" she cried, in the language of her own country, which came back to her on a sudden.
" We are nurses of the Earthquaker," they said. " Our duty is to sing him asleep, and every year he must have a new song; and every year a new maiden must be sent down from earth, with a new sleepy song she has learned from the priests of Manoa, the City of the Sun. Are you the new singer ?"
"No, I'm not," said Jaqueline. "I don't know the priests of Manoa; I don't know any new sleepy song. I only want to find the way out."
" There is no way, or we should have found it," said one of the maidens; "and, if you are the wrong girl, by the day after to-morrow they must send the right one, otherwise the Earthquaker will waken, and
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