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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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206                          PRINCE RICARDO.
shake the world, and destroy Manoa, the City of the Sun."
Then they all wept softly in the stillness.
" Can we get anything to eat here ?" asked poor Jaqueline, at last.
She was beginning to be very hungry, and however alarmed she might be, she felt that dinner would not be unwelcome. The tallest of the maidens clapped her hands, and imme­diately a long table was spread by unseen sprites with meringues and cold chicken, and several sorts of delicious ices.
We shall desert Jaqueline, who was rather less alarmed when she found that she was not to be starved, at all events, and return to Prince Ricardo, whom we left fluttering about as a little golden-crested wren. He followed the Giant and Jaqueline into the whirlpool of air as far as he dared, and when he saw her vanish down the cone of the hill, he flew straight back to Pantouflia.
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