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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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2o8                        PRINCE RICARDO.
place. Finally he perched on a chandelier that hung from the roof. Here he was safe; and so weary was he, that he put his head' under his wing and fell fast asleep. He was awakened by the return of the king, who threw himself on a sofa and exclaimed
"Oh, that Prime Minister! his dulness is as heavy as lead ; much heavier, in fact ! "
Then his Majesty lit a cigar and took up a volume; he certainly was a sad bookworm
Dick now began to fly about the room, brain­ing the king's face and trying to attract his notice.
" Poor little thing !" said his Majesty.
And Dick alighted, and nestled in his breast.
On seeing this, Semiramis began to growl, as cats do when they are angry, and slowly approached his Majesty.
"Get out, Semiramis!" said the king; and lifting her by the neck, he put her out of the room and shut the door, at which she remained scratching and mewing.
Dick now crept out of the royal waistcoat, flew to the king's ear, twittered, pointed out of the window with one claw, and, lying down on his back, pretended to be dead. Then he got up again, twittered afresh, pointed to the Wishing Cap, and, finally, convinced the king that this was no common fowl.
" An enchanted prince or princess," said Prigio, " such as I have often read of. Who can it be? Not Jaqueline; she could change
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