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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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11 6
new red, now golden; and in her hand was the golden pitcher that sheds the dew, and a golden wand. The other lady was as dark as nightódark eyes, dark hair; her crown was of poppies. She held the ebony Wand of Sleep. Her dress was of the deepest blue, sown with stars. The king knew that they were the maidens of the bright and the dark side of the moonóof the side you see, and of the side that no one has ever seen, except King Prigio. He stopped the Flying Horse by turning the other knob in the saddle, alighted, and bowed very low to each of the ladies.
"Daring mortal! what make you here?" they asked.
And then the king told them about Jaqueline and the Earthquaker, and how he needed a great weight of Stupidity to flatten him out with.
The ladies heard him in silence, and then they said :
" Follow us," and they flew lightly beside the Flying Horse till they had crossed all the bright side of the moon, above the silver palaces and silver seas, and reached the summit of the Mountains of the Moon which separate the bright from the dark side.
" Here I may go no further," said the bright lady ; " and beyond, as you see, all is darkness and heavy sleep."
Then she touched Prigio with her golden
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