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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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218                        PRINCE RICARDO.
them all, and all were very, very heavy. But when he came to the Stupidity of the Learned— of dull, blind writers on Shakspeare, and Homer, and the Bible—then King Prigio saw-that he had found the sort he wanted, and tha t a very little of it would go a long way. He never could have got it on the saddle of the Flying Horse if the dark lady had not touched it with her ebony wand, and made it light to carry till it was wanted for his purpose. When he needed it for use, he was to utter a certain spell, which she taught him, and then the lump would recover its natural weight. So he easily put a great block on his saddle-bow, and he and the dark lady flew back till they reached the crest of the Mountains of the Moon. There she touched him with her ebony wand, and the silver light which the bright lady had shed on him died from his face and his body, and he became like other men.
"You see your way?" said the dark lady, pointing to the bright moon of earth, shining far off in the heavens.
Then he knelt down and thanked her, and she murmured strange words of blessing which he did not understand ; but her face was grave and kind, and he thought of Queen. Rosalind, his wife.
Then he jumped on the Flying Horse, galloped down and down, till he reached his palace gate; called for Ricardo, set him behind
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