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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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PRINCE RICARDO.                        223
Inca, and he refuses to give her up. One daughter of his, he says, has been sacrificed to the sacred birds, the Cunturs : the birds were found slain on the hill-top, no man knows how; but the maiden vanished.
" Why, it must have been Jaqueline. I killed the birds," said Ricardo, in Pantou-flian.
" Silence, not a word! " said the king, sternly.
"And what makes you bear arms against the Inca ? " he asked the old man.
" We would slay him and her," answered the priest; " for, when the shadow shrinks to the foot of the stone, the sun will shine straight down into the hollow hill of the Earthquaker, and he will waken and destroy Manoa and the Temples of the Sun."
" Then wherefore would you slay them, when you must all perish ? "
" The people, oh Pachacamac, would have revenge before they die."
" Oh, folly of men! " said the king, sole mnly ; then he cried: "Lead me to the Inca; this day you shall not perish. Is it not predicted in the Cord of the Venerable Knots that I shall slay this monster ? "
" Hasten, oh Pachacamac, for the shadow shortens ! " said the priest.
" Lead me to the Inca," answered Prigio.
At this the people arose with a great shout,
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