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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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224                        PRINCE RICARDO.
for they, too, had been kneeling; and, sending a flag of truce before King Prigio, the priest led him into the palace. The ground was strewn with bodies of the slain, and through them Prigio rode slowly into the courtyard, where the Incawas sitting in the dust, weeping and throwing ashes on his long hair and his golden raiment. The king bade the priest remain without the palace gates; then dis­mounted, and, advancing to the Inca, raised him and embraced him.
" I come, a king to a king," he said. " My cousin, take courage; your sorrows are ended. If I do not slay the Earthquaker, sacrifice me to your gods."
"The Prophecy is fulfilled," said the Inca, and wept for joy. " Yet thou must hasten, for it draws near to noon."
Then Prigio went up to the golden battle­ments, and saying no word, waved his hand. In a moment the square was empty, for the people rushed to give thanks in the temples.
"Wait my coming, my cousin," said Prigio to the Inca; " I shall bring you back the daughter that was lost, when I have slain your enemy."
The Inca would have knelt at his feet; but the king raised him, and bade him pre­pare such a feast as had never been seen in Manoa.
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