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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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The king drew a long breath.
"Stupidity has saved the world," he said; and, with only strength to draw back one step from the abyss, he fell down, hiding his face in his hands.
But jaqueline's arms were round his neck, and the maidens brought him water from an ice-cold spring ; and soon King Prigio was himself again, and ready for anything. But afterwards he used to say that the moment when the Earthquaker stirred was the most dreadful in his life.
Now, in Manoa, where all the firm founda­tions of the city had trembled once, when the sun just touched the Earthquaker, the people, seeing that the shadow of the sacred column had crept to its foot, and yet Manoa stood firm again, and the Temple of the Sun was not overthrown, raised such a cry that it echoed even through the halls within the hollow hill.
Who shall describe the joy of the maidens, and how often Jaqueline and Ricardo kissed each other ?
" You have saved me! " she cried to the king, throwing her arms round him again. " You have saved Manoa ! "
" And you have saved the Hope of Pan-touflia, not once or twice," said his Majesty, grandly.
And he told Dick how much he had owed to
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