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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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230                        PRINCE R1CARDO
began at once by burning his skull mask (you may see one like it in the British Museum, in the Mexican room), and by letting loose all the birds and beasts which the Manoans used to worship.
So all the young people were married in the Golden Temple of the Sun, and all the Earthquaker's nurses who were under thirty were wedded to the young men who had been fond of them before they were sent into the hollow hill. These young men had never cared for any one else. Every­body wore bridal favours, all the unengaged young ladies acted as bridesmaids, and such a throwing of rice and old shoes has very seldom been witnessed. As for the happy royal pair, with their fathers, and the other princess (who did not happen to be engaged), back they flew to Pantouflia.
And there was Queen Rosalind waiting at the palace gates, and crying and laughing with pleasure when she heard that the wish of her heart was fulfilled, and Jaqueline was to be her daughter.
" And, as for the Earthquaker," said her Majesty, " I never was really anxious in the least, for I knew no beast in the world was a match for you, my dear."
So, just to make everything orderly and correct, Ricardo and Jaqueline were married over again, in the Cathedral of Pantoutiia. The
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