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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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marriage presents came in afterwards, of course, and among them, what do you think ? Why, the Seven-League Boots and the Sword of Sharpness, with a very polite note of extra­ordinary size:
" The Giant who does not Know when he has had Enough presents his hearty congratulations to the royal pair, and begs to la)- at their feet the Seven-league Boots (they not fitting me) and the Sword which Prince Ricardo left in the Giant's keeping recently. The Giant hopes no bad blood; and I am,
" Yours very faithfully,
"The G., &c.
" P.S.—His little woman sends her con­gratulations."
So you see the Giant was not such a bad sort of fellow after all, and Prince Ricardo always admitted that he never met a foe more gallant and good-humoured.
With such a clever wife, Ricardo easily passed all his examinations ; and his little son, Prince prigio (named after his august grand­father), never had to cry, " Mamma, mamma, father's plucked again."
So they lived happily in a happy country, occasionally visiting Manoa; and as they pos-
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