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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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242               THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE
" Where has he gone ? " said Lady Ker, in a strange voice.
" He went away out of sight," said Randal. " I could not see where he went."
Then his mother told him it could not be, that his father would not have come back alone. He would not leave his men behind him in the war.
But Randal was so sure, that she did not scold him. She knew he believed what he said.
He saw that she was not happy.
All that night, which was the Fourth of Sep­tember, in the year 1513, the day of Flodden light, Randal's mother did not go to bed. She kept moving about the house. Now she would look from the tower window up Tweed; and now she would go along the gallery and look down Tweed from the other tower. She had lights burning in all the windows. All next day she was never still. She climbed, with two of her maids, to the top of the hill above Yair, on the other side of the river, and she watched the roads down Ettrick and Yarrow. Next night she slept little, and rose early. About noon, Randal saw three or four men riding wearily, with tired horses. They could scarcely cross the ford of Tweed, the horses were so tired. The men were Simon Grieve the butler, and some of the tenants. They looked very pale; some of them had their
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