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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.              243
heads tied up, and there was blood on theii faces. Lady Ker and Randal ran to meel them.
Simon Grieve lighted from his horse, and whispered to Randal's mother.
Randal did not hear what he said, but his mother cried, "I knew it! I knew it!" and turned quite white.
" Where is he ? " she said.
Simon pointed across the hill. "They are bringing the corp," he said. Randal knew the "corp" meant the dead body.
He began to cry. "Where is my father?" he said, " where is my father ? "
His mother led him into the house. She gave him to the old nurse, who cried over him, and kissed him, and offered him cakes, and made him a whistle with a branch of plane tree, So in a short while Randal only felt puzzled. Then he forgot, and began to play. He was a very little boy.
Lady Ker shut herself up in her own roomó her " bower," the servants called it.
Soon Randal heard heavy steps on the stairs, and whispering. He wanted to run out, and his nurse caught hold of him, and would not have let him go, but he slipped out of her hand, and looked over the staircase.
They were bringing up the body of a man stretched on a shield.
It was Randal's father.
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