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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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HE little girl soon made everyone at Fairnilee happy. She was far too young to remember her own home, and pre­sently she was crawling up and down the long hall and making friends with Randal. They found out that her name
was Jane Musgrave, though she could hardly say Musgrave; and they called her Jean, with their Scotch tongues, or "Jean o' the Rye," because she came when the cows were driven home again.
Soon the old nurse came to like her near as well as Randal, "her ain bairn" (her own child), as she called him. In the summer days, Jean, as she grew older, would follow Randal about like a little doggie. They went fishing together, and Randal would pull the trout out of Caddon Burn, or the Burn of Peel; and Jeanie would be very proud of him, and very much alarmed at the big, wide jaws of the yellow trout. And Randal would plait helmets with green rushes for her and him, and make spears of bulrushes, and play at tilts
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