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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.              259
ERYBODY knows there's fairies," said the old nurse one night when she was bolder than usual. What she said we will put in English, not Scotch as she spoke it. " But they do not like to be called fairies. So the old
rhyme runs:
'If ye call me imp or elf, I warn you look well to yourself; If ye call me fairy, Ye '11 find me quite contrary; If good neighbour you call me, Then good neighbour I will be; But if you call me kindly sprite, I '11 be your friend both day and night.'
So you must always call them ' good neigh­bours ' or ' good folk,' when you speak of them."
" Did you ever see a fairy, nurse ? " asked Randal.
"Not myself, but my mother knew a woman —they called her Tibby Dickson, and her hus­band was a shepherd, and she had a bairn, as bonny a bairn as ever you saw. And one day
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