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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.              263
AN," said Randal one midsummer day, "1 am going to the Wishing Well."
" Oh, Randal," said Jean, " it is so far away! "
" I can walk it," said Randal, " and
you must come, too; I want you, Jeanie. It's not so very far."
" But mother says it is wrong to go to Wishing Wells," Jean answered.
" Why is it wrong? " said Randal, switching at the tall foxgloves with a stick.
" Oh, she says it is a wicked thing, and for­bidden by the Church. People who go to wish there, sacrifice to the spirits of the well; and Father Francis told her that it was very wrong."
"Father Francis is a shaveling," said Randal. " I heard Simon Grieve say so."
" What's a shaveling, Randal ? "
" I don't know: a man that does not fight, I think. I don't care what a shaveling says : so I mean just to go and wish, and I won't sacri-
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